Frequently Asked Questions
Is massage just a spa treatment? Are there benefits other than relaxation?
Relaxation is an important component to massage but there are many benefits to incorporating regular massage into your monthly routine.
Some benefits include:
- increased circulation
- detoxification
- decreased muscle tension
- increased flexibility
- increased soft tissue health and pliability
- stress reduction
- pain relief and control of chronic pain
-decreased symptoms from certain conditions such as bursitis,tendonitis, fibromyalgia, degenerative disc disease, arthritis, sprains, strains, repetive use injuries, etc.
- speeds recovery period after surgery.
- breakdown of scar tissue and adhesion growth
- reduction of active and latent trigger points.
- increase range of motion in joints.
- increased performance of muscles in sport activity.
The list could go on of the benfits, I would encourage you to speak with your practitoner to explore the options in which regular massage would be benefical to you specifically.
Why do you work from your home and not an office?
Massage is a passion of mine and in order for it to remain that way I like to do it on a part-time basis. Plus, I appreciate the privacy and comfortable environment that my home brings to my treatments. I have worked out of an office before, and currently do it in Edmonton, but I have found the benefits of flexibility, cost and time efficiency have led me to prefer working from the home.
Are you a registered massage therapist?
I took a 2 year, 2200 hour course in remedial massage in Edmonton,AB and I have been practising since 2004.BC requires a different criteria to be registered in BC. Since I was schooled in Alberta I am unable to use the terminology of registered massage therapist. However my services are very similar to that of a BC RMT, at a lower cost, but without insurance coverage.
Does insurance cover the expense of massage performed by you?
At this time, I am not aware of any insurance companies that cover my expenses. Please check with your carrier to see if they require the massage to be erformed by a registered massage therapist.
What types of payment do you accept?
Cash and/or cheque. Visa, mastercard and American Express.
I often call and get an answering machine. What is the best way to reach you to book an appointment?
In my industry, I work with people and to ensure I am providing my undivided attention to my clients during a treatment I do not answer my phone. Feel free to leave a message and I will get back to you between my appointments. To reduce the amount of phone tag, I offer an online service in which you are able toview my current availability online and book through email. I will confirm your appointment within 24 hours.
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Welcome!About MeServicesStretchingBook an ApptContactBuy Now!

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