A Touch of Balance is a place to come and relax, rejuvenate, and heal. It is a place where you can feel safe to release tension from the past week  as well as a place to receive ongoing care for injuries.

Please take a look at my online availability to request a posted opening. After receiving confirmation for appointment, please read the following instructions prior to treatment.

Massage and What to Expect

Anticipate coming into an environment where you will feel safe to express any concerns you may have about the treatment. In order to provide the best service open communication is essential. 

Prior to the treatment

A client health history form will be filled out. An assessment will follow and a treatment plan will be formulated in order to ensure the best results from your treatment. The assessment usually takes about 15 mins and is included in your first visit.

During the treatment

Many people ask what is expected from themselves. This can vary depending on what results you are expecting from the treatment. If relaxtion is the goal, your only concern should be to relax and let go but if pain relief is of interest you should expect some physical participation throughout the session. Sometimes in order to treat a specific condition I may need to get you to resist  pressure or move a limb in a certain direction. Comfort is of great importance so if you feel your health is compromised at any time, please feel free to express yourself.

After the treatment

In order to ensure that you receive the full benefit of the massage  you may receive some self-care instructions. For example, keeping hydrated is very important to reducing post-massage stiffness that may occur. Ebson salts can also be advised after an especially deep massage to aid in the healing process. You may also be given a particular series of stretches to perform that target certain muscle groups that may need lengthening in order to rebalance your posture and aid in pain 

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Welcome!About MeServicesStretchingBook an ApptContactBuy Now!

New Clients

A Touch of Balance
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