Deep Tissue Massage is much more than a "back rub". It's a full body treatment, involving the muscular, vascular, skeletal and lymphatic systems designed to relieve tension and promote wellness. Learn more.

Myofascial Release uses gentle stretching to focus on pain or restrictions in the connective tissue that exists  throughout the entire body. Breakdown of the restrictions will increase joint mobility and flexibility in the muscles and surrounding tissues.

Remedial Exercises are exercises given by the practitioner to the client to help strengthen and lengthen the muscles. They are part of your self-care and aid in the recovery process after injury.

Trigger Point Therapy is similar to acupressure, but focuses only on muscular release points (“triggers”) in the muscle fascia and tendons. These triggers are areas of hypersensitivity and can be identified through palpation as the surrounding area of a trigger tends to tightened. 

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Welcome!About MeServicesStretchingBook an ApptContactBuy Now!

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Welcome!About MeServicesStretchingBook an ApptContactBuy Now!

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