If you know me. The one thing I promote as much as massage is stretching. This is such an important factor in your self-care. Stretching allows the muscle to lengthen so that it can work more efficiently and powerfully.  Plus, it feels good.

There are many books out there that can help you establish a regular routine that is taylored to your own special needs. I recommend Stretching by Bob Anderson. His book is simple and easy to use and has short routine that have been created based on the types of activities you may  perform often.  Many people view stretching as something you do after a hard workout...and yes, this is a good thing to do after one but taking time to stretch must be something you incorporate into your daily routine in order to experience its full benefits. 

Everyday, depending on your profession, you will be using some muscles more so your stretchign routine should target those muscles groups in order to help relieve them of tension that may build up over time.  I would say on the majority most office jobs people are looking down and working on a computer often so the muslces along the back of neck, shoulders and mid-back can become very aggravated by the overstretching. While the muscles along the front will become contracted. A good stretching routine should open the chest  and neck and allow your body to correct postural imbalaances and relieve the muscles in the back. 

At first most people will feel the pain in a different area of where there true tension lies so it may seem weird that if you feel "knots" in your neck and traps that I get you to stretch your opposing muscles but this will help and pain. The benefits of stretching are numerous but the main one that you should eb concerned with is that if you are consistent you will have less pain and greater flexibility.

You don't need to commit a lot of time even 3-4 minutes a day in the morning and night can produce results. If there is one thing you should do to help your muscles and reduce aches and pains it is stretching...then of course start getting regular massage treatments to deal with chronic issues.

The hardest thing at the beginning will be to create a habit. My suggestion is to add it to something you are already doing like showering.  Most people shower everyday, so after you shower your muscles will be warm. Before you get dressed take the time to do some slow painfree stretches to start your day out. If you bath before you go to bed, what better way to relax yourself before you head off to bed  than to do your stretching routine then. To get started today Buy Stretching by Bob Anderson and start with Everyday Stretches on Page  , or chose a routine that is more taylored to your daily activities...but start today.

Welcome!About MeServicesStretchingBook an ApptContactBuy Now!

Welcome!About MeServicesStretchingBook an ApptContactBuy Now!

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